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 [Electronic Water Management System]

Revolutionizing Water Meter Reading with eWMS : Empowering Precision, Convenience, and Efficiency in Water Billing Without the Need for System Overhaul

Introducing the eWMS 1.0, an Electronic Water Management System that redefines water meter reading with unparalleled precision and convenience. Designed to seamlessly integrate with conventional Analog Meters, this revolutionary solution brings the quality and service of Smart Meters without the need for system or distribution flow changes.


The eWMS operates in both ON-LINE and OFF-LINE modes, providing a powerful and flexible platform for Water Departments and associated staff. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual readings – eWMS, in tandem with an IoT platform, elevates meter reading to new heights without requiring any alterations to your existing infrastructure.


Managing consumer bill details is a breeze with eWMS, as it efficiently stores all information in a secure database. This ensures the accuracy of consumer bills, with the Water Department gaining real-time access to monitor and streamline the billing process through a user-friendly application.


Our Electronic Water Management System takes water readings wirelessly and transmits them to the Water Authority's base station. The data is automatically stored in a database and uploaded to a web API, ensuring accessibility and transparency. The Central Utility Billing System is powered by cutting-edge technologies like ePOS, AI, AR, and real-time data upload, enhancing customer service by providing immediate access to account information.


With features such as periodic monthly billing and exception billing, eWMS eliminates the need for postponed or delayed billing, catering to public and market requirements. The system also automates various service levels and provides location tracking for each consumer. Say hello to efficiency, precision, and unparalleled ease with the eWMS 1.0 – making water management smarter and more consumer-friendly than ever before.


  • Consumer Management 


  • Route/Book Management 


  • Billing Management 


  • Payment Management


  • Daily Batch Management 


  • Monthly Batch Management 


  • Close Account 


  • On-site status of Meters and Non-Revenue status escalation – TAT decision making process

  • Meter Management (new and service)


  • User Profile Management 


  • Corporate Account 


  • Arrears Monitoring Management 


  • Non-Revenue Water Maintenance 


  • Reporting

Fast and Accurate OCR Meter Reading

Meter scanning eliminates the errors of manual data entry, and reduces the time needed to get readings by 90%.

Just point the device and start scanning!

Supported Meter Types


  • Analog Displays


  • Digital Displays


  • Digital Dot Matrix Displays


  • Dial Meter Display


  • Up to 7 pre-decimal and 3 decimal places

Proposed system will provide accurate and real time Water billing system.

This overcomes existing systems in terms of cost and manpower required.

This is suitable practical solution for Water bill management. 

These systems also advanced by automatically controlling the all actions like bill generation.

In addition, the system eases the time for printing the bills and gathering the data from the Water meter device to the Department of Water Service.

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