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[UNIFIED Operations control center system]


In the ever-evolving landscape of aviation, Soft Wings emerges as a pioneering force, dedicated to revolutionizing the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. With a strategic focus on enhancing safety, minimizing environmental impact, reducing costs, and expanding airspace capacity, Soft Wings introduces a modernized solution that promises to elevate the efficiency of airline operations.


Basic System Features

User-Friendly Interface: Soft Wings  boasts an attractive and easy-to-use interface, adhering to the highest aviation industry standards. The intuitive design ensures a seamless experience for air traffic controllers and other users.


Time Management: Every screen within the system offers the convenience of switching between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and local time. This feature streamlines communication and coordination across different time zones.


Document Management System: Soft Wings integrates a robust Document Management System, facilitating efficient storage, retrieval, and management of essential documents. This feature ensures that all relevant information is readily available for quick decision-making.


Real-time Alerts and Notifications: The system is equipped with customizable alerts and notifications triggered by specific events. This proactive approach enhances situational awareness, enabling timely responses to potential challenges or critical situations.


Communication Integration:  Soft Wings seamlessly integrates email functionality, allowing users to communicate within the system effortlessly. Furthermore, the system supports the download of reports in Excel or PDF format, ensuring convenient access and sharing of critical data.


Search and Filtering Options: All views and reports within Soft Wings come equipped with advanced search and filtering options. This empowers users to quickly locate specific information, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined operational process.


Log History Management:  Soft Wings keeps a comprehensive log history, documenting all system activities. This feature serves as a valuable resource for analysis, audit trails, and tracking changes over time.


User Security Management: Prioritizing the security of sensitive data, Soft Wings incorporates robust user security management. This ensures that access is restricted to authorized personnel, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of critical information.


Soft Wings envisions a future where Air Traffic Management is not just a necessity but a well-optimized and technologically advanced system. By implementing these key features, Soft Wings aims to empower airlines to operate more efficiently, ultimately contributing to a safer, greener, and economically viable aviation industry.


Major Features

  • OCC Master Data management

  • Maintenance Planning

  • Restrictions Management

  • Network Planning

  • Crew Management

  • Crew Scheduling

  • GANTT View

  • Crew Web Portal

  • Operations Control Centre & Flight Watch

  • BI Reporting

Soft Wings commitment to modernizing the Air Traffic Management system shines through its innovative approach, incorporating user-friendly interfaces and a suite of features geared toward safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By implementing Soft Wings, airlines can not only navigate the skies with increased safety and reduced environmental impact but also optimize costs and maximize airspace capacity. In a rapidly evolving aviation landscape, Soft Wings emerges as the catalyst for operational excellence, empowering airlines to soar to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

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