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Our Group Companies


Info-Health Solutions Limited

Established in 2006, InfoHealth is a leading developer of robust web-based management systems for the NHS. Its core product f2 has fast become the preferred medical asset management platform, seeing it being fully deployed in NHS Trusts throughout the UK, meeting the exacting, individual requirements of each hospital. InfoHealth provides a focused set of solutions and services to the healthcare community, the F2 Medical Device Asset Management System, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and consultancy services.

At the heart of our success is F2, our flagship product, which stands proudly as the backbone of healthcare operations across all NHS trusts in the UK. This achievement not only reflects our technical prowess but, more importantly, the trust placed in us by those at the forefront of healthcare. We take pride in our customer-centric approach, tailoring F2 to the unique needs of each NHS trust. It's not just about delivering software; it's about fostering a partnership that prioritizes your success.

Mission: streamline healthcare operations by offering an innovative medical asset management system. We aim to alleviate hospital challenges, enhancing equipment monitoring, staff tracking during emergencies, and efficient patient-related reporting. We strive to streamline equipment tracking, improve emergency response by locating staff swiftly, and simplify patient-related reporting for enhanced healthcare management. 


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Finei Data Technologies OY

Finei Data Technologies OY is a software company promoted by ForeFront Technologies and Caxita Technologies to offer aviation and travel technology products focused and delivered in the new age technology platforms like AI, machine learning, big data, etc. We offer the best practices and products being established globally by the promoters to ensure cutting-edge technology product offerings to the EU region, particularly to Finland and other Scandinavian Countries. We aim to address the market space in the same sector as a Finland Technology company to offer its best products and services to the rest of the world which includes the European Union specifically and the rest of the countries.

Our Mission is to provide top-notch solutions to the global market, with a special emphasis on serving the
European Union and other nations around the world.

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Nextillion a JV entity between Forefront Technologies International Inc and Rezilyens offering Enterprise Security Software Solutions and Services which includes Cyber Security, Cyber Defense, API security, Security Infrastructure, Cyber Risk Management, Bot Network, Big Data Analytics (Platform, HIPAA, Data Exposure Detection, etc.,

Brand name

Pinochle. Ai is our Group's holding company offering. Forefront-Pinochle US new-age offering to protect, resilient your organization and customers, it’s our flagship Cyber Security product called "Cyber Karma" using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning plus other technologies.

Pinochle is a Cybersecurity product platform, solutions & services company. Pinochle is recognized by Forbes as one among top 15 innovating companies in the world for Cybersecurity/AI. We are end to end Cybersecurity company focused on keeping our customers secure.

In the world of, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. We value each client's unique journey, aligning our strategies to resonate with their distinct needs. See your association with not just as a partnership but as a harmonious alliance. Together, our Mission goes beyond merely safeguarding digital assets; we aim to craft a digital legacy where security reigns supreme.

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