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 [Electronic Energy Management System]

Revolutionizing Energy Meter Reading with e-EMS : Empowering Precision, Convenience, and Efficiency in Electricity Billing Without the Need for System Overhaul

e-EMS is a revolutionary solution with end-to-end features for simplifying Energy Meter Reading while its been conventional Analog Meters. It is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and Is designed and developed to make energy reading more precise and convenient to the users. 

e-EMS and IoT Platform driver the current meter reading system towards the same quality and service of Smart Meters, whereas client doesn’t required to make any changes/replacement of current system or distribution flow.

It is powerful, integrated system that provides specific information in energy readers as well as to the Energy Department and associated staff, making their work more at ease with precision. This has ON LINE and OFF-LINE Modes.
e-EMS deals with all the consumer’s bill details stored in to the database. 

The setup of this energy metering system will ensure the precision of all the bill information regarding the new bill of each consumer. 

The Energy Department will now can monitor the bill information directly and instantly through this application. This will enhance the efficiency of energy meter work and ease consumer’s convenience


  • Consumer Management 


  • Route/Book Management 


  • Billing Management 


  • Payment Management


  • Daily Batch Management 


  • Monthly Batch Management 


  • Close Account 


  • On-site status of Meters and Non-Revenue status escalation – TAT decision making process

  • Meter Management (new and service)


  • User Profile Management 


  • Corporate Account 


  • Arrears Monitoring Management 


  • Non-Revenue Water Maintenance 


  • Reporting

Fast and Accurate OCR Meter Reading

Meter scanning eliminates the errors of manual data entry, and reduces the time needed to get readings by 90%.

Just point the device and start scanning!

Supported Meter Types


  • Analog Displays


  • Digital Displays


  • Digital Dot Matrix Displays


  • Dial Meter Display


  • Up to 7 pre-decimal and 3 decimal places

Proposed system will provide accurate and real time energy billing system.

This overcomes existing systems in terms of cost and manpower required.

 This is suitable practical solution for energy bill management. 

These systems also advanced by automatically controlling the all actions like bill generation.

In addition, the system eases the time for printing the bills and gathering the data from the energy meter device to the Department of Energy Service.

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