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[Clinic Management System]

Clinic Management System is a software product from FOREFRONT SOLUTIONS AND CONSULTANCIES that integrates and coordinates all the day to day activities involved in the management and running of a clinic. This application software which helps in competent management of a clinic by managing doctor’s appointment, patient treatment history, diagnostics information and administrative activities of a clinic. The system offers modules for Doctors registration, patient registration, Doctors appointment, Patient scheduling, Laboratory Analysis Report, Patient information including history and administrative activities and moreover the system handles report generation for all client requirement



  • Manage clinical information 

  • Role Creation, User Creation 

  • Page Master     

  • General 

  • Configuration   

  • Change Password   

  • Printer Configuration  



  • Appointment Schedule 

  • Consulting and Assessment Finding    

  • Laboratory Results 

  • Case History And File Management 



  • Doctors Registration Master               

  • Doctors  Specialization Master           

  • Patient Registration Master           

  • Diagnostic Master                               

  • Medicine Master

  • Laboratory master

  • Unit master


  • Date Wise Collection

  • Department Wise Collection                         

  • Doctor Wise Time Schedule Information

  • Missed Patient

Key Features
   Doctor Appointments
•    Patient Registration
•    Patient Scheduling
•    Laboratory Analysis Reports
•    Patient Information Management
•    Administrative Activities


•    Enhanced Efficiency
•    Improved Patient Experience
•    Accurate Diagnosis
•    Streamlined Billing
•    Custom Reporting


Why Our CMS: 

At Forefront Technologies, we understand the unique challenges faced by clinics in today's healthcare landscape. 
Our Clinic Management System is designed to address these challenges and empower clinics to deliver exceptional patient care while maintaining operational efficiency.
Our commitment to innovation, user-friendly interfaces, and ongoing support ensures that CMS remains a trusted solution for clinics of all sizes.


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