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Asset Performance
Management System


The f2 Asset Performance Management System has been developed by infoHealth a UK based company in collaboration with NHS Trust Hospitals and is based on a customer focused development led approach.

f2 is a dynamic and innovative product which combines leading edge web technology (Microsoft ASP.NET / SQL Server) to cater for the operational demands of the NHS.

f2 is a robust database package that is both widely applicable to the Medical / Clinical Engineering fraternity but can also be adapted for the specific needs of individual NHS trusts. f2 adopts specific processes, such as Work Requests/Repairs, Scheduled Services/PPM, Equipment Library as well as tailored views of generic information such as location hierarchies will be in-built and effective.


Integrated f2 Core Functionality

  • Medical Device Register

  • Staff Training Administration

  • Work Requests

  • Reports (via MS SQL 2012

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • reporting Services/Report Builder)

  • Scheduled Services

  • Document Management

  • Stock Control

  • Technicians

  • Equipment Library

  • Help Desk

  • System Audit

  • NHS Compatibility - Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) ex N3


  • Cyber Security Essentials

  • ICO - Information Commissioners Office - Data Protection

  • GDPR General Data Protection Regulations - EU

  • Sid4Gov - Single supplier registration portal

  • IG Toolkit - Information Governance & Standards 

  • NHS Connecting for Health Information Governance Statement of Compliance migration process

  • NHS N3/HSCN Connectivity - The National Network registered

  • NHS Electronic Staff Register Programme

  • GS1 - ‘Global Standards One’ Globally Unique Barcode compliancy

  • Applied Registration with Crown Commercial Services for G-Cloud: Digital Marketplace - eSourcing

  • Portal / eTendering Portal

Benefits & Efficiency

  • Deliver a state-of-the-art system to meet NHS

  • Trusts current and future requirements

  • 100% Web Technology - Browser Based

  • Technology MS ASP.NET SQL Server

  • Fully Integrated f2 Core System

  • Web Portal for Medical Equipment Management

  • Role-based Workflow

  • Interface Additional Applications

  • System Development Specified by the users

  • Structured Format - Data Input

  • Comprehensive Management Statistics and Reports

  • ODBC Compliant Database Tools

  • Risk Management

  • Bid Planning and Replacement Program

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • NHSLA/CQC/Governance Management Reporting Standards

  • Audit Trail

PowerBI in Healthcare Sector

Power BI empowers healthcare workers to analyze patient data and share insights, dashboards, and business intelligence reports, especially in an emergency, with others to get a comprehensive picture and provide critical care promptly.

Undoubtedly, Power BI is used for healthcare data visualization and analysis.

Healthcare providers can derive insights required to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve patient care while adhering to the compliances and regulations by integrating Power BI. Moreover, Power BI can provide healthcare organizations greater visibility into their data and can collect greater insights.

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